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They have been teaching together for 15 years. Their style is based in authentic Buenos Aires tango salon, where subtlety in interpretation and connection come first. They enjoy giving classes together and they like to think that have a connection and fluidity in presentation and explanation, which makes the experience for the student fun and informative during the classes.

They possess two different (and usually complementary) personalities, and give equal emphasis to both roles in the dance. They keep their classes relaxed, so that students can enjoy learning the details and complexities that tango can involve. They help tango dancers to find comfort and confidence in their embrace and the way they move.

For them each performance is different ... in a different place, a different space, different audiences, and most importantly, different music. What stays the same for them is that they dance real tango - embraced, musical, intimate and elegant. In the flow of improvisation, everything is danced with immediacy and yet stillness. They find the serious and playful aspects of the dance. Every tango is unique.

Since 2002, they have thought & performed in different countries, offering workshops, performances, shows, participated at Tango Festivals and more, including Argentina (Buenos Aires), all over the United Kingdom , the USA (New York & Philadelphia), Ireland (Cork, Dublin), Sweden (Malmo, Uppsala, Norrköping), Denmark (Copenhagen), Germany (Berlin) , Spain (Mallorca, Menorca, Valencia), Italy (Alghero) and France (Chassignolles, La Frayssinette)

Their tango school is in Edinburgh.