Warwick and Leamington Spa? Why organizing it in two different places?

If you have been to Leamington Spa and travelled to Warwick knowing exactly when you crossed the border, then you must have done lots of homework. These two cities grew into each other and now form a nice and peaceful conglomerate. Most people who live there, don’t really know where one ends and the other starts. Warwick has its medieval flavour to it and (Royal) Leamington Spa is one of the most beautiful Georgian towns in England.

Our venues are beautiful and all within walking distance from each other. They will be mainly on the Leamington side, with the exception of Friday night’s venue, Warwick SPACE, which we use to run our monthly La Milonga Ideal. Maps are below.


Royal Pump Rooms


Prepare to be amazed with the amazing Grand Salon of the Leamington Spa Royal Pump Rooms. A fitting space for any special occasion, this will be the jewel on the crown of events we have for you during this festival with performances from Jenny and Ricardo and music from our headlining DJ on Saturday, as well as for an unforgettable Tea Dance on Sunday with a live performance from the one and only Corina Piatti!

The adjacent Conservatory will be the place for the Sunday cafe.

Address – The Parade, Leamington Spa, CV32 4AA


Warwick SPACE


This is the place we use for our regular milongas. The floor is very nice, the acoustics, great, and there is a basketball net, just like in Club Sunderland, in Buenos Aires. Parking is plenty around the venue in residential areas but do not park on the pub next door or in Sainsbury’s – people have been known to be fined there!
Address – 71 Coten End, Warwick, CV34 4NU


North Hall


North’s Hall is a nice spacious hall which will be the venue for all classes and a guided Practica.

Address - North Hall, Spencer Yard, Leamington Spa, CV31 3SY