Luis & Elizabeth's Classes/Celeste & Luciana's classes/Wednesday Practicas/Festivalette


September & October are not as usual! Please note the changes in dates, times, and teachers; a diary is attached.


This Friday 13th Sept is as usual. We have classes with Luis Rodriguez & Elizabeth Knock at St Mary's, followed by the practica. Usual welcome, wine, cake, enjoyable, friendly, and instructive, evening of tango. Usual details repeated below.


Luis & Elizabeth often are available for private, or semi-private, classes on Saturdays. Please contact them via


On Friday 20th September Luis & Elizabeth are not available, but we are very fortunate, thanks to Dante Culcuy, to be able to have Celeste Cimino & Luciano Mallequeo as guest teachers. They start at 6.45 pm. for details see below. They visited us before, about 2 years ago, and those who remember that will look forward to this return visit, as will anyone who has heard reports of their recent teaching in Malvern. You can see them on:


Wednesday practicas at Warwick SPACE: After several years Tom Dillon, organiser of Tango Space, decided that he had been committed to Wednesday nights at Warwick Space for long enough. The practicas will be restarted though, organised by a team, but under Tango Warwick's umbrella. It will aim to be every Wednesday from 8pm to 10pm, costing £5. However it may not happen on some Wednesdays if no member of the team is able to be there, so it will be necessary to check (initially the Tango Warwick FB site, or email Hopefully we can start on Wednesday 18th, next week. Tom said he may manage to come sometimes, so all is not lost!


Tango Warwick at Warwick Festivalette Oct 11th 12th:Remember to book for dance packages and for the workshops with Lorena Gonzalez & Gaston Camejo There is still room for leaders for both workshops, and for couples for workshop 2 and possibly workshop 1, with a waiting list of followers which at present is full for workshop 1. Leaders especially--do book soon! Please advertise it as much as possible: there is plenty of room for dancers. For booking details etc see



Details of classes for Friday 13th September (are as usual):

6.30pm to 7.30pm  Essential tango techniques, Found useful by dancers of all levels. Please arrive a bit before the start if you possibly can, to help the class to begin on time.
7.15 pm to 8.15 pm  Essential tango techniques;  Improvers. 
8.15 for 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm Intermediates
9.30 (approx) to 10.30 (approx) Practica


Luis Rodriguez & Elizabeth Knock

Prices: Beginners Class £8 (£5 for students with student Id), , together with improvers class £10 (£8). 
Other classes £8 (£6) for one, £12 (£10) for the whole evening.
Practica: Free with classes otherwise £2
WHERE:St Mary's Church, St Mary's Rd, Leamington Spa, CV31 1JW, Leamington Spa.


Details for Friday 20th September (NOT AS USUAL!)

6.45-8pm All levels (not absolute beginners)

8.15 -9.30pm Intermediates

9.30-10.30 (approx) Practica DJ Ann Nunn

Teachers: Celeste Cimino & Luciano Mallequeo

PRICES: One class £10 (£6 for students with student Id), £12 (£10) for the whole evening.
Practica: Free with classes otherwise £2.
WHERE:St Mary's Church, St Mary's Rd, Leamington Spa, CV31 1JW, Leamington Spa.

Hope to see you and/or receive your bookings!

David (For Tango Warwick)

Tango Warwick