Ricardo Oria

The DJ for Friday Opening milonga

Ricardo Oria has been DJing for a long time. He loves teaching tango but also really likes DJing. He was one of the first promoters of the Buenos Aires style DJing with tandas and cortinas in the UK. He has also DJed in various events, including international festivals. His music is always special and full of surprises. Ricardo knows how to read the timings and the energy of the milonga, and can adapt the music to the room.

Kirsty was our DJ for Friday night but unforeseen circumstances meant she won't be able to grace us with her music. We will have her in Warwick in the future!



John Tan

Dj for the Ball

We have great tradition of bringing super DJs for our Grand Spa ball, at Tango Spa. This year we are bringing an old wish. Welcome the groove master, super enchanter and super star DJ, known by everyone in Europe for his amazing music sessions .



Ricardo Peixoto

Dj for Twilight Tango

Ricardo, with Su Park co-founder of Tango Warwick, is one of the UK's most popular tango Dj's and has Dj'd in major events in Continental Europe.

He will ensure that the energy level stays high, until the last chord of the last song of the last tanda on Sunday evening.



Juan De ScarFo

Native Porteño, Juan has always been a tango fan but could only get into it well after he left Argentina. He has a very eclectic selection and after doing a few gigs at La Milonga Ideal, he then set up his own milonga in Leamington Spa and has recently been invited to DJ in other places.

Juan’s music is based around the rhythms of Juan D’Arienzo. His tandas are always challenging and filled with energy. He is DJing on Sunday café starting at midday.




Ann Nunn

Ann has been DJing for a few years now. She has always had an interest in the tango music but it was an injury that made her look more into the music. Encouraged by her teacher, Ann started to DJ and surprised everyone with her quaint selections.

Ann is an all rounded DJ, who likes lyrical tangos and nice round valses. She is DJing on Saturday Café at 14:00.