Car Parking in Leamington

Lots of information on BUT I think below is more accurate!!

  1. Bath Place CV31 3AQ Car Park is convenient for Leamington venues. Free (or £1) from 6 pm-8am otherwise 50p per hour, £4.50 a day. Free all Sunday. If you prefer well lighted areas you might go to one of 5A or 5C below for the Ball.

  2. Adelaide Bridge CV32 5AH about 10 minutes walk from venues. Free on Sundays and after 6 pm. Otherwise £1 an hour , £4.50 for day. Don’t need to go to centre of town to get there.

  3. Multistory car parks are more expensive and may close for the night! Royal Priors CV32 4XT is £8 for 6 hours , or £1.20 for all Sunday CLOSING at 6 pm. St Peters Multi storey CV32 5EL is similar price but full price on Sunday. 6pm to 8 asm £1. CLOSES at midnight until 8am. Both 10-15 minutes away.

  4. Station Approach Lower Road CV31 3SA. Is small but convenient especially for North Hall. Costs £1 per hour , max £4.50 for 24 hour

  5. On Street Parking: Unfortunately there is a lot of 2 hour only parking until around 6 pm or 8 pm

A/ Streets just north of river and East of the Parade: 

  • Recommended for the Ball & Twilight Tango: Newbold Terrace, off Parade, 2hrs limit ’til 6pm then free. Further along it is free all day (15 mins walk)

  • Recommended for Ball: Euston Place, set off from parade behind Cenotaph, I hr limit, free after 6 pm

  • Good for Ball: Regent Grove, by Town Hall, 2hrs , free after 6 pm.

B/ Streets South of river and west of Parade (and of venues). If going to Pump rooms in daylight go over the foot bridge into Pump Room gardens from these streets:

  • Convenient for both venues : York Rd unrestricted on north side! 10 mins walk

  • Fairly convenient for both venues: Avenue Rd initially 2hrs free after 8 pm, but unrestricted if you go further West! 10-15 mins walk.

  • Somewhat convenient for both venues: Archery Rd 4 hrs free, free after 8 pm (which means free after 4 pm I suppose)

C/  North of river, West of Parade: 

  • Very convenient for Ball: Dormer Place, just across Pump Room Gardens, 2hrs but free after 8 pm.

D/  South of River, around Parish Church,

  • Across road from Pump Rooms, mostly 2 hours, free after 8 pm, so convenient for Ball, but less well lit.

If in doubt you can easily check estimated prices for car parks around on