Classes/ Tango Etiquette/ Raquel's Ladies' Techniques

"Tango Etiquette " with social dancing/ practice: will start 2018 at St Mary's on January 12th. This will be a  free practice, social dancing, session from 6.30 to 7.30, for improvers on, in which the etiquette of milongas will be described, with the idea that it will be (good-humouredly) practiced during the social dancing! If you are not familiar with the mysteries of the cabeceo, ronda, cortina, when not to say thank you, etc this will be your opportunity. If you are, please do come along to help: experienced dancers will be needed to make this experiment work. It will be led by Andy  & Clare Adamson. There will be a similar session on Jan 19th.  
This precedes:-

Classes: at St Mary's . On 12th & 19th January, guest teachers Matt JC & Marion K.R. will give workshops on

           "Dancing with Rhythmical Variations" 

They will teach  at 7.30 and at 8.30 at "Improvers" and the more advanced "Intermediate" levels respectively on both Fridays. The classes will be followed by the usual practica with Juan de Scarfo as DJ.


Timing for 12th& 19th:

6.30-7.30pm: Practice session/ etiquette of milongas (all levels)

7.30-8.30 pm: "Dancing with Rhythmical Variations"(Improvers)

8.30 pm -9.30 pm "Dancing with Rhythmical Variations"(Intermediates)
9.30 pm-10.30 pm (approx) Practica,  DJ de Scarfo


Cost for 12th& 19th:

6.30-7.30 free, classes £8(£5 for students), whole evening £12(£10), practica free with classes otherwise £2.


St Mary's Church Hall, st Mary's Rd, Leamington Spa, CV31 1JW.


Return of Luis & Elizabeth:

For our great pleasure Luis Rodrigues & Elizabeth Knock return on 26th January to start their "residency" as Tango Warwick teachers for the first half of 2018. The details will be as usual. They will start off a new cohort of ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS at 6.30 on 26th. Please spread the word among your not yet tangoing friends. A flyer is attached to help you advertise it.


Raquel's Legendary Ladies' Styling & Techniques workshop is on Saturday 20th January. Booking & prepayment mandatory. One or two places still available. See attachment. Raquel will bring shoes for sale,
a new selected collection of Comme il faut and other brands. It may be possible to arrange private classes before the workshop.


Diary of Local Tango Events coming up:                         

  • SPACE Tango: informal practicas on Wednesday evenings (restart 17th Jan)   8 pm to 10 pm at Warwick SPACE 71 Coten End, Warwick, CV34 4NU. See                             
  • 12th, 19th January, St Mary's: improvers social dance/milonga etiquette session, then workshops by Marion K.R. and Matt J.C. on "Dancing with Rhythmical Variations" 
  • 13th Jan 2018, 8.30 -midnight,  Tango Baires' Milonga, St Mary Immaculate Church Hall, Warwick CV34 6AB,
  • 20th January 2018, 1.30pm -5 pmRaquel's legendary Ladies Styling & Techniques Workshops return to Tango Warwick at Leamington Dance Centre. Booking essential.
  • 26th January: Classes at St Mary's: return of Luis Rodrigues & Elizabeth Knock;  including Absolute Beginners at 6.30.


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Tango Warwick